Brownie with Berry Cheesecake Squares (gluten free)

According to my boyfriend, I ruined the brownie.
According to me, I would kiss this cuty (if it didn´t look a bit weird)
So you decide which side do you prefer (you should prefer mine, of course) .


Olive Oil and Lemon Cookies (no butter)

I hope you do not scare with the "olive" in the title, keep reading because these cookies are really good and easy. Sometimes it happens to me, don´t know about you, that I like a recipe, but it calls for a weird ingredient, and then I don´t do it because of this weirdness. And the recipe keeps witing me in my to-do list.
I have several of those.


Quick Gingerbread

This is a recipe I started doing on Christmas, and I did a lot. In fact, I have some slices in the freezer that I like to eat a bit warm with my tea.

It´s more like a coffee cake than a bread, and it´s very easy to do. It does not take more than 10 minutes if you have all the ingredients on hand.


Nutella Stuffed Cookies

These cookies could have been called "Anti Jinx Cookies" or "I Love You". They are not everyday cookies, Nutella is not very cheap in these neighborhoods (yes, I know, in my country in general) .
But "occasionally" is something else.

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