Chocolate and prune crescent cookies

These are unlikely to be Valentine's cookies, but for mine, they are. When, my boyfriend and I, weren´t living together, I usually gave him a container of cookies, and he ate them, happily, on his way back home.
Now, he still is my boyfriend, but we live under the same roof, he always claims the container with cookies.


Cinnamon baba with spiced pears (or Le Savarin)

Can you imagine a dessert when eaten it magically explodes in the mouth with cinnamon flavor, the sweetness and freshness of the cool syrup?


Creme brulee tart

Once upon a time a boy bought a torch, and a girl thought about burning a cream.

The girl is me, the one who´s always thinking about desserts. It can be worse, I´m warning you. A torch, a mini sized one, arrived home a few months ago. And then, I forgot.

Until I opened a drawer and there it was.And that's how the creme brulee came in my list of things to do.

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