Concorde Dessert: is not a bird, or a plane!

It´s the"Concorde, the cake"

It is one of the most delicious and memorable chocolate cakes. It was created by the renowned pastry chef Gaston Lenôtre in honor of the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Mr. Lenôtre, who passed away in 2009, has changed the pastry as it was known, for a lighter and less sweeter one. 

He´s also the creator of the famous Opera cake, meringue succes, and the school that is known worldwide.



With this picture of my Christmas tree, obviously made ​​by my hands with some wire, paint and ornaments, I want to leave my happiest wishes for the remaining of this year and the year that is going to start.

Without further ado: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


Limequat pound cake, a potion for cold days

The last ingredient that was missing! exclaimed to myself in a supermarket. 
I was in the process of creating something different (the chicken or the egg ...), and encountered some strange fruits for my eyes. And took prey (after paying a small fee).Upon reaching the cave, small golden jewels were immersed in a bath of sugar and water in equal parts, and they were swimming around under low fire until they were tender. 

And waited, and waited, until one day, in times of snow and cold, gnashed his bowels, and there was only one answer for that in his great book (the big web with millions of recipes). This witch put them with others who were arrested from immemorial times in a big pot. And with little magical spells achieved a potion that deserves to be registered.


Gingy: Ginger and honey cookies

(Angry Gingy says: Don´t eat me!)

When the holidays arrive and we realize the year is coming to an end, we start to think about what happend during this year and put things in a scale.
My year was very good, I can´t complain. It had its sad side, by the departure of a beloved, had its joys, challenges, hopes and celebrations. The scale leaned to a positive side.

Next year, I expect surprises, as always, generally the´ll be good, so I'm waiting. 
And so in a feeling of celebration, to get into the warmth of the holidays, I made spiced cookies  with a child motif, shaped Gingy the gingerbread man from the movie Shrek.


Chocolate and cinnamon babka

Recently was looking forward to make bread, something with more dough than what I usually do.

I'll tell you  how I knew about this type of bread, Seinfeld show it was, when Jerry and Elaine are going to buy it and see that an old woman takes the last one in the store.

The babka is a brioche type bread, which comes from Eastern Europe, filled with fruit. And there is another bakba, the Jewish tradition type, which is filled with chocolate and cinnamon, sometimes topped with streusel.This is the one I´m interested about

This may not be a recipe that everyone will do, but it is very easy to prepare, it´s difficult for us to go wrong, and it´s worth, the result is spectacular.

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