Parisian Pastries in Pictures

Dear all, I must pass a data from a site, but prepare to be amazed and mouth-watered.
It has spectacular photos of the best Parisian patisseries. RAIDS PÂTISSERIES

The site is in the official language, oui, en français, but Google Translator does wonders for this.


Tonka Bean Cream Pie

Years ago I heard about the famous cream pie that the Welsh settlers still, because they arrived in 1865!, make at the tea-houses in Gaiman, in a Chubut valley, a place is in my list of places to go (among others!).
And the cream pie waited a years in my mind to be made.

Recently, I do not know where I read about the Sugar cream pie, presumably originating in the U.S. southern colonies, the Amish or Quakers, in 1850s (or before they, it is uncertain), and seemed familiar with the Welsh one. And there was no other choice but to do it.


Happy to see you comment!!!

(Happy "Thank you, mom, for today´s dessert")

Thanks to all who pass by this blog, that share being sweet tooth, who like to cookdo not like to cook but love the food, who are drooling when see a food photo, the ones who comment, those who do not like, those who understand what I write, those who do not understand me because I write backwards - as Master Yoda of Star Wars - those who make my recipes, those seeking answers in pastry ... all

Thank you!


Easter egg lollipops

Easter day is coming and we´re used to receive a big chocolate Easter egg (because I´m still a kid), with sorted candys and a small toy inside
Thinking about this, I wanted to make something for the kids, different from the chocolate egg you can buy in every store. Also it had to be easier to make than the big egg, with lots of chocolate and work.
Here are chocolate egg lollipops!

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