Mango and Ginger Cake

The story of this recipe begun with a comment from a reader. He commented about a mango cake he usually makes when the mangos are still green.

And like the phrase, curiosity killed the cat, I had to make my mango cake.


Passion Fruit and Orange Muffins... with surprise

Have a little of something and don´t know where to use it?
I had a small size cup of passion fruit pulp, and wanted to use it but it needed to be a good thing, not just something.

This muffins are great, fast and full of flavour. But if you don´t have passion fruit, never mind, use any other pulp or juice from the pantry or fridge. It needs to be something with a lot of flavour. I wouldn´t use pear juice for example.


Orange Financiers

An edible gift. That was what my mama received for her birthday. Not that I´m cheap gifter, she likes this kind of gift. Handmade.

Originally the financiers were prepared in shapes of bite size ingots. And are name because of that. Or perhaps they were sold in the financial district of Paris. Who knows the truth.

But the truth about the smell and flavour is that they are so good that one is nothing. 
They have almound flour and noisette butter, this is the distinctive smell of these. I added orange, just to play with the flavours a bit more.


Very Chocolatly Almond Cookies

The first time I´ve tried this cookies was when I was working in famous porteño bakery. After the first bite, I understood why they were so famous and acclaimed. 

Crunchy, buttery. With lots of chocolate and almond bites. Because of the cooking method, they became light and airy, not that they´re low fat and low sugar.

You have to try this.

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