The Best Homemade Chocolate Ice cream

 The summer has just finished in Argentina and I don´t have happy face, a sad smiley :(

But seeing the glass half fullthere are still some warm days to come and can be sized.
Such as preparing an ice cream, the best homemade ice cream, chocolate. What can beat that? That is very creamy and intense chocolate flavor.
Is there more to improve? Yes, it is easy to prepare, does not need much cooking. 


Chai tea and pear tea cake

A few post ago I made the chai tea concentrate with spices to flavor the tea, and as I said at that time, I like spices. And to be redundant, now come with chai tea cake.

The idea came thanks to the pears 
leftover from the cinnamon Baba. Ideas go, ideas come, the tea is added to the pears and then came the spices ... Ready! Have a chai tea cake with pears in syrup.

I´m not going to lie, was delicious! As tea cake was spectacular, and for dessert, with ice cream on top? Chocolate ice cream? Awesome!


Black and White dessert: condensed milk mousse and bittersweet ganache

Long ago I made a cake for a rare mousse, like dulce de leche, but white. And I lost the recipe. It was my recipe, because at that time had not found anything like it.

I remembered a few days ago, and after years and changing location, I didn´t make an effort to find it. Again, searched the Internet with no result. How strange, but well, an opportunity to make my recipe.

Then again, this is my invention. The Argentinean classic: chocolate and dulce de leche. But black and white.

This is the dessert of differences, contrasts, sweet and bitter, creamy and airy.


Chai concentrate for a spiced tea

If you are reading this blog regularly may have noticed that I like spices. I confess, I love them. All the majority. I learned that all serve in their measure to improve a dish, give it as an added value. 
Some I didn´t like them before, like cloves, but if used sparingly gives a refreshing taste.


Homemade sweet condensed milk

Did ever happened to you that wanted to do a recipe and say, "condensed milk" and it wasn´t available or a little expensive?

This is the solution to that: do it at home.
It is a complete solution, equal to the original.


Ginger, raisin and oat cookies

The problem I have with the cookie dough is that I'm lazy to make tem with a spoon. Really lazy. 
So, normally, I don´t make it.
I had seen on other blogs that they use an ice cream scoop to make cookies.

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