Chocolate and Prune Cookie Sandwich, a great alfajor

An alfajorin Argentina, is a cookie sandwich with dulce de leche inside. Is the most common snack for children and adults. You can find them at any kiosk, or vending machine. We are the largest consummer, and the one that wins is the chocolate cookie, with dulce de leche and covered in chocolate.

I made another version, a grown up. I don´t think that there are many kids that enjoy eating dried fruit. Not in my country, unless we cheat them and hid some inside a preparation.

I accept that this wasn´t my choice a few years ago. I din´t eat any dried fruit. I don´t know when I started or why.


Brownie Chocotorta (or Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Brownie)

This is not just one more brownie recipe. But as a dessert. Or a cake. I don´t know well.
It's just a bite and that the mind is lost in all the flavours and textures. I do not exaggerate.


Prune Bittersweet Chocolate Brownie

There are many recipes for brownies, but this is excellent, moist, chocolaty, it melts in the mouth.
And I added prunes. The plum adds a touch of sugar and acidity so perfectly for the chocolate, and some texture to the soft brownie.


Chocolate and Oatmeal Soft Cookie

These are my favorite cookies, I think they are the first I learned to do as a kid. These cookies, recently renamed "avenitas" (avena is oatmeal in spanish) are so good that they do not last very long when out of the oven. Delicious when warm, with the melted chocolate chips.It´s not a crunchy cookie, but comes apart easily in the mouth. And there are excellent to sink into a chocolate milk.


Hazelnut, Cocoa Nibs and Salty Peanut Buttercrunch

There are a few timers when I go to my bookcase and found out that there´s a book about caramel, sugar and candy that it´s unused.
Every time that I open it, I check it and think about the recipes I can make from there. But it remains closed.

But the idea of doing something with it remains in the back of my brain. And the other ideas came by, salt,  peanuts and winter, and here we are.


Pear, Rooibos Tea and Chocolate Cake

Some weeks ago I returned to have tea at Chez Pauline. Its a beautiful, very french, place. Then, after leaving the place, bought a super spiced tea. Actually it´s an infusion, it don´t contain tea leaves, but rooibos, an African bush, and lots of spices, like cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, and others I don´t remember. I love rooibos, because of it´s lack in caffeine and the other beneficial characteristics. 


Chouquettes, a French treat

As always, I'm always looking for something new around here.
The chouquettes (shukets) are mini balls of "pâte à choux" or pastry puff, covered by coarse sugar.
Little crunchy semisweet balls. Start with one and won´t stop easily.

I had this recipe on my list for some time, but I was waiting for this sugar, "granela". Here we use this type of sugar for Easter thread cake, on top of the pastry cream. 

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