Ricotta Mousse Cake

I always think simple desserts that are good, simple in flavours and every one would like it.
And then I like to give a twist to make them attractive, and interesting for me to do it.

This is a simple uncooked cheesecake, with just the flavours, good ones. Ricotta, orange and chocolate. 
Simple, but doesn´t it look nice? And also, it´s fresh and airy. Great for the summer.


Summer Dessert: Rice Pudding, Jasmine Sauce and Speculoos Cookie

Rice pudding, sweet rice, arroz con leche, arroz doce, including dam niao Khao from Thailand: this all refers to the same preparation: cooking rice + milk = creamy rice that can be flavored with spices, egg and/or sweeteners.
It can be very simple, but the variations are many, here´s one.

I transformed a simple dessert in a flavourful one. It has the soft creaminest of the rice , plus a cardamom fragance, with a silky jasmine tea sauce, and the crunchiness of the multi spiced cookie.


Chocolate and Beet Dessert Cake

I'm always searching for recipes strange, peculiar ... rare, I would say. And when I find a recipe that has those items I keep it until the opportunity arises, or have the ingredient, or feel like doing it.

Yesterday, walking around a large supermarket, away from home, I found the ingredient. Steamed beets, vacuum-sealed. And I remembered the recipe. I grabbed a package and figured when I could do the recipe.
All planned!


Spicy Jam Cookies

The opportunity to make these cookies can be none, or that I just want to eat some cookies with something else, something moist and tasteful.

Or perhaps, to celebrate an occasion, that can be no occasion for you, but valuable to me, which is my 4 years* in the same company. Of course, these weren´t  years of relaxation, I changed area and position with bigger responsibilities, in an excellent team and I didn´t loose the desire to improve. That's something, right?



Did I tell you long ago that I studied Graphic Design? I was about to end. But I knew it wasn´t my thing.
I realized that I liked cooking. But it left me pretty things. And to my dad a pain in the heart and the pocket.
C'est la vie.

And that why I couldn´t stand the old logo. It was outdated.
While I've been making changes to the page, I changed the buttons that were below the logo, where you can access each page, and are now on the right side, for if you hadn´t noticed.

Testing some things, the logo was chosen. Do I like? Is it the best? I don´t know, but I prefer this than the previous ... 
May last or not. I have the little problem of perfectionism.

I know that this change can affect identity and blah, blah, blah ... but the other was not me. If anything my design teachers told me is that my thing is the minimalism. And that's what I searched and still looking for.

Chau old, hello new!


Mixed Berries and Nibs Crumble Cake

Memory is something that sometimes does not help me, I realize that the 30´s are starting to show details of factory.

I don´t know how it started but, somehow I felt like eating mixed berries in a cake for breakfast or maybe as snack.And I guess one thing led to another and here we are.
With a cake to honor a friend or yourself, to enjoy, and feel like you need another portion. It's a cake you won´t forget by the tasty mixed berries, the aromatic spices, the moistness and crunchiness (yes, both at the same time).


Pink Grapefruit and Chocolate Tart

I don`t know if you know it, but I can repeat it anyway: I like desserts that are made in 2'
Well, you can not do all within 2 minutes, but half an hour works great for me.

Went to bed at night thinking about a dessert to take to a lunch, a fast, with whatever is in the fridge/pantry, not gourmet flavors, and good, of course.

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