Berry cake, it´s tea time!

Here in the southern hemisphere spring has just begun and with that, seasonal fruits. But not everything is happy. In our beloved Buenos Aires it´s not easy to get berries, perhaps in a grocery store some fresh cranberries. Actually, raspberries and blackberries are not easy to be found, but Argentina is a producer of these fruits, but we are also exporters.

Ricotta and pear muffins

I will present you the best muffins you can eat: very tasty, very moist, very rich and aromatic.
Sold? Hope yes! Because it is one of the best recipes I made recently.
And if you don´t have everything the recipe says, no problem. Below you can see the replacements.

Chocolate mini dessert (v. 2.45)

Who was not walking around late at night wanting to eat something sweet and rich? And besides that it must be not too difficult to make it or take much to be done?

Mmm, this dessert is ideal for those moments. Or for when we expect someone coming to dinner at the last minute, or we have to bring something for dessert.

These mini desserts take 3 minutes to cook, so I called 2.45, because they are cooked in the microwave. And since I'm so nerdy, I ´ll tel you why 2.45: is the frequency of the microwaves. These waves move the molecules in the oven and to sum up, they are cooked!

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