Candied Orange Wedges

This recipe is a must, like a wildcard. Can be with just a coffee after a fullfilling dinner, cut in pieces for a pound cake, can be added to a simple ice cream, covered with chocolate, with a smelly cheese. Or just this and a fork, and nothing else, for those snack momemts

This recipe is really easy, you don´t need to know a lot, also it and doesn´t need a lot. All you need is time and patience. A few days, not to long right? But it only consumes just 20 minutes a day.

This orange wedges have the pulp, are very tender, so much that can be cutted with the fork, thanks to the cooking method.

Candied Orange Wedges
Oranges 800 g
Sugar 500 g
Water 750 ml

- Wash the skin with sponge or small brush under running water
- Cut each orange to the middle and then cut into wedges, about half an inch, each half. Makes about 5 from each half
- Put the sugar in a big pot or large saucepan with water and bring to boil. Stir from time to time
- Add the wedges carefully, without splashing the hot syrup, and bring to a simmer
- Simmer for 15 minutes.
- Turn off the heat, cover with a lid and reserve until they cool to room temperature
- Repeat the process 4 more times, until they are tender. This can be done in 2-3 days, or 5 depends if the process can be repeated few times a day or just one. I did it once a day, after 5 days where done.

To preserve them, just put un a container with a tight lid and to the fridge, they last several months if that´s possible. If you like them sugar coated, just let them drip when warm and then cover with lots of sugar. Remove the excess and let them dry.

If you a nicer than me, this is a perfect gift for a food lover.

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