Basic brownie (no nuts)
Candied ginger
Cocoa meringue
Coconut cream
. Anglaise Sauce
Pastry cream
. Rice Pudding
Sablee dough, tart base
. Spiced pears
Tempering chocolate

Chocolate and cinnamon babka

Berry cake
. Chai Tea and Pear Tea Cake
. Chocotella cake: Nutella mousse, brownie and cocoa meringue
. Cornmeal and orange cake
Marbled ricotta cheesecake
. Mixed Berries and Nibs Crumble Cake
. Ricotta Mousse Cake
Rustic season fruit cake
. Supes (Extra) Moist 2 Apples Pound Cake
Yogurt cheesecake

cookies and small pastries
. Brownie Chocotorta (or Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Brownie)
Chocolate and prune crescent cookies
. Chocolate and Prune Cookie Sandwiches, or Alfajores
Chocolate Easter Egg Lollipops
. Chouquettes
. Hazelnut, Cocoa Nibs and Salty Peanut Buttercrunch
Pfefferkuchen (spicy german cookies)
Ricotta and pear muffins
. Chocolate and Oatmeal Soft Cookie
. Speculoos, spiced cookie
Spicy Jam Cookies

Apple crumble
. Black and White dessert: condensed milk mousse and bittersweet ganache
Berry crumble
. Caribbean Eclair: Homemade Vanilla Mascarpone, Passion Fruit Curd and Mango
Cinnamon baba with spiced pears
Chocolate mini cakes
Chocolate and banana upside down dessert with coconut cream
. Chocolate and Beets Dessert Cakes
Chocolate icecream
Chocotorta, dulce de leche, cream cheese and cookies
Pavlova with pastry cream and mixed berries
. Summer, Rice Pudding, Jasmine Sauce and Speculoos Cookie
The Citric, lemongrass panna cotta, 
cornmeal cake and orange gelatin
Three Seasons Dessert: yogurt panna cotta, marmelade and cocoa meringue

Creme brulee tart
Plum tart
Chocolate Bavarois Tart
Pink Grapefruit and Chocolate Tart
Tonka Bean Cream Pie

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