Chocotorta: chocolate cookies, dulce de leche and cream cheese cake

Scene: Saturday night, a couple in an appartment
Character 1: man in the kitchen preparing pizza
Character 2: female, resting on the couch, the TV is on
Idea: women, "Maybe I can do something for dessert"
Available ingredients: dulce de leche, cream cheese, chocolate cookies
Answer: "I can do it in 10´!"

That was more or less how this dessert started, because it´s fast, no messy, and I could prepare it at the 
living room table, the kitchen was busy with the pizza guy.

I grabbed two
 glasses, two bowls, milk, sweet cocoa and the three essential ingredients.

Chocotorta, for two
70 g chocolate cookies
Dulce de leche 100 g
Cream cheese 
100 g 
Milk 5 tbsp 
Sweet cocoa 
1 tbsp

- Dissolve the cocoa in milk
- Split the biscuits in half so they can fit in the glasses
- Mix the cream cheese with a spoon, to soften, then add the dulce de leche
- Dip the cookies in the chocolate milk and put in the base of the glass
- Then a layer of cream of about 1/2 cm, the procedure is like an english triffle
- Another layer of soaked cookies, and so to end with the cream

- To decorate, break one cookie with your hands over the cream, as making a crumble
- Put in the refrigerator until it´s time to serve

I would have preferred to do it with contrasting black coffee instead of chocolate milk. But like I said,the kitchen was busy and best to stay out when the man is inside.


Traditionally this is a cake made of layers of cookies and the dulce de leche cream, made in an glass dish and served in 4 x 4 cm squares, and it need at least two hours in the fridge to set.. It´s like for a sunday lunch with the family. 

Because I was doing less portions, just two, the glasses were the best choice.
If you want to make more, duplicate or triplicate and make it in a bigger dish.

Something in this recipe can not be changed are the cookies. They must be Chocolinas. They have a distintic flavour, chocolate and coffee, and not too sweet. 
I have nothing against other brands, but we all know it is impossible to make the recipe with other type of cookies. It wouldn´t be a Chocotorta.

Ah, something he didn´t know, the cream cheese was low fat! I´m trying to save some calories 

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