Malvon, for the modernized porteño

After having heard so much about this place, I went there last Friday, despite reading that attention could be regular. And I was surprised.

I sat in what was perhaps the winter garden of an old porteño house. I could imagine the housewife cleaning the patio on a hot afternoon, or  a family by the fireplace on a cold sunday.

It seems that Malvón (geranium) wishes to mantain the porteño feeling of the ´50s, with the furniture, tableware, photos, but adapting the food to a globalized cuisine, as we can find American, French or Italian dishes. This has nothing wrong, we are a mixture of cultures.

When going insede we can see the breads, pies, cookies and more, for us to choose. We can seat in one of the three rooms or outside in the front or at the patio, they all have comfortable sits, and outdoors we can enjoy the plants and the sun.

The menu is big enough for lunch, tea time, brunch or breakfast, and you can see it at the website.

In this hot summer, I asked a smoothie passion, a milkshake of ice cream, passion fruit, ginger and lemon, if I remember well. And also a banana, chocolate and walnut muffin. Very good both of them.

After that I had planned to have tea with my mother at his house, and thinking of that asked a lemon tart and a portion of carrot cake to take out. It was an exaggeration for an evening meal, but Iwa
s tempted.

And in my defense I have to say we did not eat everything in the same afternoon.

The tart, which I don´t keep photographic records was very good, acid as it should be, creamy and also crunchy for the brulee layer on top.  
The carrot cake, also delicious with raisins, and made in layers, with butter cream between the layers. I never saw it done that way, and I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of butter.

About the comments of the regular attention, it didn´t happen to me, in addition to that the two waiters were very cordially.

At Malvon, I felt at home.
Before leaving, I was thinking when could I return.

Serrano 789, Villa Crespo,
Buenos Aires,
tel. +54 11 4774 2563

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