Holidays in Villa General Belgrano and La Cumbrecita, in Cordoba province

A years ago we spent a week in Villa General Belgrano, a quiet village at the foot of the Cordoba´s sierrras, ground roads and asphalt, German-style homes, friendly people, with a view to the mountains and the sound of birds.

There are many stories about the villagers that I don´t want to explore, but the only one I know is about the people I´ve met, that they´re very friendly, warm and they work with the tourists, by that I mean that many of them love what they do and some doesn´t seem to show it.

We met a brewer, that produces very good artisanal beer, and I can tell you that he loves to make it only using traditional methods. He explained many things to us, part of the process, the ingredients of each beer and we returned with a box full of the varieties he performs.Waffe Bier it is

We stayed at Posada Shemak´s, an inn runned by the owners, that were warm people and very helpful. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to spend a few days there.

The photos are from La cumbrecita, a beautiful place, surrounded by mountains, forests, waterfalls and pools of natural water, with many hiking paths.

The last day I discovered THE BAKERY, in capital letters, with lots of smelling loaves of bread, home-style cakes and simple but goood cookies. The bakery is Risen Rein (as Aline told me) and is in the center of town. They are bakers from the beginning of the past century, that came from Germany during 2nd World War and the bread is made old style way, in a wood-fired oven, with grains and wheat .


What we tried there was the black cake, what we know as Welsh cake,
 dried fruit, moist and very aromatic cake.
And, also, the best cookies I had in a long time, the Pfeffer Kuchen, with flavored honey, spices, almonds, very soft and sweet. Amazing cookies, that I decided to do when we return home. 

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