Chinatown in Buenos Aires

Taking advantage of the summer schedule we have at work, I went to Chinatown. It´s in the neighborhood of Belgrano, in Buenos Aires City, where Taiwanese immigrants settled a years ago.Today there are several Eastern communities present.

From some years to now this place became a must in the tours in B.A. As far as I know it´s not a big Chinatown, I knew the San Pablo´s not as colorful, but bigger as this. This 
are only 2 or 3 blocks on the street Arribeños, from Juramento St. and Blanco Encalada St.
There are at least 4 supermarkets, bazaar shops, food stalls and restaurants of the different communities.
The chinese restaurants some are better than others and not very pricy. Of course, the japanese are pricier and less crowded.

I love walk these streets, watching every product, better to go in week days, where is less crowded.I went with a list so I stick to it, but I´m hopeless, some other products ended in the basket.

The photos are illustrative, you can find many products, imported, locals, fresh as the seafood, frozen, dried, and the list would be endless if I list them all.The list said spices, lemongrass and passion fruit. Long ago I do something with the latter two. The lemongrass, lemongrass or citronella, is an herb hard, lemon-scented delicious. It is used in teas, as it is too hard to eat.The maracuyá, or passion fruit, you surely know it. When you go to buy it, check the shell, i´t should be as wrinkled as old fruit, and that it weights, and if shaken, something has to move inside. You will then have a very aromatic and lots of pulp.  
Refrigerators with sushi rolls, cold drinks, phillo dough, all pretty fresh.
I found the famous fortune cookies, which I´ve seen in American movies and series, never had seen it here. 

I waited until that night, after dinner, to see what mine said.
I share with you what the cookie said:

(Translation: Set limits, so not take advantage of you)

With these pictures I want to give curiosity to those who do not know this place, and to encourage you, every product should have a translated label. Few won´t.Buy and try, one product at a time.I'll see what I do with my yuzu powder.

The truth is that I don´t know how the cookie does it, but it´s so right!Another thing I had to bring me was this little bottle is here below: yuzu powder, which I'll talk soon. Also, with lemony flavor. Do you notice I like the lemon?

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