Candied ginger

Long ago, I wondered how was that in Argentina there wasn´t something as good as candied ginger, and then I realized I could prepare it myself.  And there I was.
There is no exact recipe, but it is not hard to do ir anyway..

Candied ginger can be used for many things, to add a few bits in cookies, mixed with apples for a pie, for decorating chocolate tarts, dipped in chocolate to eat as a candy, 
passed through sugar, well, for anything you like.

Candied ginger
1 large ginger root
Sugar 500 g (approximately)

- Peel the ginger, may be with the back of the knife, a spoon or a potato peeler
- Slice it thinly, approximately 2-3 mm wide
- Put in a saucepan with sugar and water until they pass the ginger with 1 cm
- Cook over low heat until the ginger is transparent and obtains a thick syrup. You can go by adjusting the amount of sugar if the syrup is too loose.
- Pack in hot sterilized in a jars.
- When opening store in refrigerator.

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