Berry cake, it´s tea time!

Here in the southern hemisphere spring has just begun and with that, seasonal fruits. But not everything is happy. In our beloved Buenos Aires it´s not easy to get berries, perhaps in a grocery store some fresh cranberries. Actually, raspberries and blackberries are not easy to be found, but Argentina is a producer of these fruits, but we are also exporters.

The solution to this was the people of Arandanos Argentinos that sell these and other precious fruit in bags of 1 kg and at a great price!The thing I like is that the fruit is not a big ball of frozen fruit, but separated ones and they keep pretty good form when defrozed and won´t lose much fluid. This is due to  IQF freezing, Individual Quick Freezing.

Berry cake
50 g butter
Common sugar 150 g (+ 1 tablespoon for sprinkling)
Egg 1
Vanilla extract 1 / 2 tsp
Vanilla yogurt 120 ml (1 / 2 cup)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
130 g flour
Baking powder 1 / 2 tsp
Baking Soda 1 / 2 tsp
Pinch salt
100-140 g berries

- Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Grease and flour a mold of 24 cm of diameter.
- Beat soft butter with sugar, and add the essence and egg and beat until smooth.
- Mix the yogurt with the lemon juice.
- Mix the flour with salt, and baking powder.
- To the mixture of butter add yogurt alternating with dry ingredients, until are all incorporated.
- Put in pan and put the berries on top.
- Sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar and bring to the oven for 20 to 25 minutes or until they see a knife comes out clean when inserted.
- Cool and serve.

This cake can be made with any fruit that is somewhat acidic and not very hard, for example, fresh apricots, chopped prunes, peaches, pears ...

It is a spongy cake, moist and delicious for tea time and over coffee after a delicious dinner.

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