Pink Grapefruit and Chocolate Tart

I don`t know if you know it, but I can repeat it anyway: I like desserts that are made in 2'
Well, you can not do all within 2 minutes, but half an hour works great for me.

Went to bed at night thinking about a dessert to take to a lunch, a fast, with whatever is in the fridge/pantry, not gourmet flavors, and good, of course.

This tart is made with the super fast dough I made earlier (look here), and a sweet and sour filling, both at the same time, thanks to the pink grapefruit and lemon. A few chocolate chips to decorate and make it more interesting to look at and, of course, the choco-grapefruit combo works really well.

How to make the shavings can be watched with Jamie Oliver, the master of 30 minutes meals, rich, simple and tasty, even to the eyes. Here I give you the video, in which he makes a tiramisu in Venice, has no waste, (look at the minute 3:51). You´
ll look like a pastry chef with this trick.


What I offer you with this recipe, as with many others, is to check what is available in your kitchen (or grocery store, if want the extra effort) and do it. Nothing to think too much, and, just, play with what you have. You can put a thin layer of jam on the base before the filling, make the filling with other fruit juices, like orange or lime, incorporate dried fruit, like pear or apricots, put over fresh fruit before serving, and I can think of more versions, but the idea is to give you the base and you make it happen.

Moving forward, here´s the recipe: 

Grapefruit and Chocolate Tart
Quick Base

Milk powder 100 g
Unsalted butter 
60 g 
Common sugar 170 g
Boiling water 80 g
Eggs 2
Pink Grapefruit Juice 100 g

Chocolate for garnish

- Preheat the oven to 180°C 
- Prepare the dough for the base and spread it with your hands in a tart pan of 24 cm in diameter.
- Cover so it takes the shape of the pan, and cover with aluminium foil, so when cooked the dough does not fall off the edges 
- Bake for 10 minutes and remove the aluminium and cook 2 minutes more to dry the dough base
- Remove from oven and let it wait fore the filling
- The filling is basically flavoured condensed milk and something that keep it together, the egg
- Condensed milk: first, weigh the sugar and butter and place in a container
- Heat the water to boil, measure or weigh, and add it to the sugar and butter, until both melts. If they do not completely, heat briefly until they do.
- Add powdered milk and mix. Process to homogenise
- Add the juice and then the eggs, and mix
- Pour over base and bake at 180°C until custard has consistency, it moves like a flan, or gelatin, and it´s not liquid
- Let cool and store in refrigerator until ready to serve
- Garnish with chocolate shavings


As a famous Argentinean football coach said: "We have the base"

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