Ricotta Mousse Cake

I always think simple desserts that are good, simple in flavours and every one would like it.
And then I like to give a twist to make them attractive, and interesting for me to do it.

This is a simple uncooked cheesecake, with just the flavours, good ones. Ricotta, orange and chocolate. 
Simple, but doesn´t it look nice? And also, it´s fresh and airy. Great for the summer.

This cake takes a few steps, not many, all you have to keep in mind is "mise en place", aka have everything on the counter measured and prepared to start.

I won´t explain two things for the preparation of the cake: how to make an sponge cake and how to make orange jam, because I did the sponge with a box mix, and the jam is a good orange jam, with orange peel chunks. If you do not like the sponge cake you can make the cookie crumb base.

So all I have to explain here is how to make the mousse

Ricotta Mousse Cake
Eggs 3
Common sugar 100 g
Ricotta 500 g
Whipping cream 150 g
Lemon, 1
Unflavored gelatin powder 14 g (two sachets)

Chocolate sponge cake sheet, 2 (24 cm in diameter, and only 1 cm of height)
Orange marmalade
Chocolate chips
Cocoa nibs

- Prepare the springform with the desired sponge (or cookie) base. The springform may be 24 cm in diameter and should be dismountable.
- Prepare the springform putting a sheet cake on the bottom
- Separate the yolks from the whites.
- Put the yolks in a bowl that can go direct to stove burner and add half the sugar.
- Whisk the yolks over the burner constantly, until you see a pale yellow, almost like butter. This step may be optional, but for safety of your guests, it´s preferable.
- Whip the cream to half point and reserve in the fridge.
- Pass the ricotta through a sieve, or mix with a hand mixer, so it´s not so grainy
- Add lemon zest to ricotta
- Collecte the lemon juice and add it to the gelatin.
- Heat the gelatin until dissolved.
- Mix ricotta and cream
- Mix 1 Tbsp of the yolks with the gelatin, and then add all of the gelatin to yolks.
- Beat the egg whites to snow point, and the add little by little the remaining sugar.
- Whipp the meringue until it´s firm
- Mix the yolk mixture with the cream mixture and then add the egg whites gently.
- When completely mixed and homogeneous, fill the mold halfway, place another sheet cake and then, the chocolate chips
- Complete with the rest of the mousse and refrigerate for 2 hours at least.

I covered in part with orange marmalade and cocoa nibs

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