Did I tell you long ago that I studied Graphic Design? I was about to end. But I knew it wasn´t my thing.
I realized that I liked cooking. But it left me pretty things. And to my dad a pain in the heart and the pocket.
C'est la vie.

And that why I couldn´t stand the old logo. It was outdated.
While I've been making changes to the page, I changed the buttons that were below the logo, where you can access each page, and are now on the right side, for if you hadn´t noticed.

Testing some things, the logo was chosen. Do I like? Is it the best? I don´t know, but I prefer this than the previous ... 
May last or not. I have the little problem of perfectionism.

I know that this change can affect identity and blah, blah, blah ... but the other was not me. If anything my design teachers told me is that my thing is the minimalism. And that's what I searched and still looking for.

Chau old, hello new!

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