Orange Financiers

An edible gift. That was what my mama received for her birthday. Not that I´m cheap gifter, she likes this kind of gift. Handmade.

Originally the financiers were prepared in shapes of bite size ingots. And are name because of that. Or perhaps they were sold in the financial district of Paris. Who knows the truth.

But the truth about the smell and flavour is that they are so good that one is nothing. 
They have almound flour and noisette butter, this is the distinctive smell of these. I added orange, just to play with the flavours a bit more.

Orange financiers
Butter 180 g
Icing sugar 330 g
Almonds100 g
Flour150 g
Baking powder 1 tsp
Egg whites 8 un (or 240 g)
Candied orange peel 50 g
Spices, to taste

- Heat the butter until noisette point, put butter on low heat, and when begins to turn brown and smells nutty remove from heat. Leave aside to lower the heat
- Mix the sugar, flour, baking powder, and almond flour. If you want you can add spices at this moment, or peel of a fruit
- Incorporate the whites to the dry.
- Then add the butter.
- If you want you can add some flavor like port wine or liquor.
- Distribute in small molds, perhaps mini muffins, to half of the mold.
- Place a piece of orange peel. Also, you can put a piece of fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, cocoa nibs
- Bake at 220°C until they are golden brown.

The financiers can be glased by mixing half a cul of icing sugar and lemon or orange juice until it´s liquid and runny.

Bon appétit!

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