Black and White dessert: condensed milk mousse and bittersweet ganache

Long ago I made a cake for a rare mousse, like dulce de leche, but white. And I lost the recipe. It was my recipe, because at that time had not found anything like it.

I remembered a few days ago, and after years and changing location, I didn´t make an effort to find it. Again, searched the Internet with no result. How strange, but well, an opportunity to make my recipe.

Then again, this is my invention. The Argentinean classic: chocolate and dulce de leche. But black and white.

This is the dessert of differences, contrasts, sweet and bitter, creamy and airy.

Black & White Dessert
Coffee syrup
Sugar 100 g
Water 100 g (1/2 cup)
Ground coffee 4 tbsp

- Mix water and sugar in a small pot. Heat on stove
- Boil for one minute and turn off heat. Add coffee and let stand

Condensed Milk Mousse

Condensed milk 400 g (1 can)
Unflavoured gelatin powder 1 envelope (7 g or 1 Tbsp)
Cold water 4 Tbsp
Whipping cream 250 g
Egg whites 2

- Whip the cream until half a point, that is when it´s no more a liquid and begins to make strokes when lift the beater

- Dissolve gelatin in cold water
- Heat the condensed milk until warm up, and add the gelatin. Stir until dissolved and let cool to room temperature
- Beat the egg whites until stiff and mix with whipped cream
- Mix both preparations

Bittersweet chocolate ganache

Bittersweet chocolate 100 g
Whipping cream 100 g

- Heat the cream until boiling

- Add the chopped chocolate and let stand for 1 minute
- Stir until the chocolate is incorporated


- Prepare a mold, which can be a square of 20 x 20 cm
- On a base of chocolate sponge cake, wet with coffee syrup and chill in fridge until the mousse is prepared
- Pour the mousse over the base and bring the refrigerator for 1 hour until gelled
- Top with freshly prepared ganache and smooth out the surface, decorate with coffee beans or cocoa nibs if desired
- Refrigerate the ganache to harden, then cut into portions and serve


- The recipe for condensed milk can be found here.
- Condensed milk is not necessary to heat too much, until it warms up, and take care not to burn. The high sugar content makes it burn very quickly. So stir constantly while heating ... because cleaning the pot with milk and sugar burnt is not fun, for experience...
- For the chocolate cake I used the mix cake from box (yes, horrify!), but I put in a large baking sheet and then cut it in a thin layer, square, to fit in the mold. The rest is kept in the freezer for future ideas.

This recipe serves both for dessert, cake or treats for tea.

O whatever you imagine!


  1. hello, it looks like a GREAT recipe. one question: what is coffee syrup?

    thank you

    1. Hi Boten! The coffee syrup can be a syrup (equal parts of sugar and water put in a saucepan until it boils) and some instant coffee or a strong coffee and some sugar and dissolve while it´s hot.

      Thanks for your comment!!!

  2. Fabulous! I love how light and beautiful this looks. Am bookmarking it to make one day soon! Thank you for sharing this. You have a beautiful blog.

    1. Thanks Deeba!!! I hope you can make it soon and love it as much as my family did!
      Thanks for your comments!

  3. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012

    How could we do the chocolate cake without mix cake?

    Looks awesome!

    1. You can make a crumb crust with chocolate cookies (250 g) and melted butter (90 g), mixed and pressed in the pan. Or make a chocolate cake from scratch, like a chocolate genoise: for a 22 cm round cake pan, 6 eggs whipped with 200 g sugar, until it makes ribbon that hardly dissapears. Mix 150 g flour with 30 g cocoa powder and add gently to the whipped eggs. Place in a buttered and floured pan and bake in preheated oven 180°C for 30 minutes.
      This did help?

    2. You can also bake the genoise in a 45 x 35 cm baking pan, as a single sheet, to use some in this cake and the rest can be saved in the freezer, for another dessert. This will be baked after 12-15 minutes

  4. Is there something you can substitute for the gelatin? I'm vegetarian.


    1. Hi OneLiberalVoice! You can replace gelatin for agar agar, a seaweed-based thickener. Use the same amount as the gelatin. Here´s some info, and you can find others in the search of vegetarian gelatin substitute.

      Thank you!

  5. what caN we use instead of egg??

    1. If you don´t use the egg whites it won´t be fluffy, but it´s doable also. You can try with replacing the gelatin for agar powder, mixing with the same amount of water. Whip together, chill it and then whip it again. I didn´t try this, and I don´t know exactly what happens if you don´t use egg whites and gelatin. But if you do try it, please, let me know the results.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi yumi03! Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of cold water to hidrate the gelatin, which is about of 1 Tbsp.
      THanks for asking!

  7. I love that this is so different than a lot of dessert recipes out there and it's so tempting to look at as well ... PLUS it's easy to make! So glad you rediscovered you recipe to share with the world xx

    1. Thanks Maryum!!! I´m really glad you liked this recipe! Hope you can make it and enjoy. xoxo


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