Easter egg lollipops

Easter day is coming and we´re used to receive a big chocolate Easter egg (because I´m still a kid), with sorted candys and a small toy inside
Thinking about this, I wanted to make something for the kids, different from the chocolate egg you can buy in every store. Also it had to be easier to make than the big egg, with lots of chocolate and work.
Here are chocolate egg lollipops!

Also because I wanted to have fun making this, I thought about what kids like, and M&Ms came to my mind. And rock candy and something for the adults, like cocoa nibs.
Anyway, like I said, not complicate things, tempering chocolate is not hard, but you can make a mess if you try to make many things, so I choose  this three sort of fillings.

Tempering chocolate is not that hard, but you have to prepare everything in advance and also be prepared for chocolate on your hands. It´s a task that requires love, patience and wanting to enjoy.

Chocolate Easter egg lollipop
Bittersweet or semisweet couverture chocolate 150 g
Chocolate M&Ms 30 g
Fruit or menthol hard candies 2-3 units
Plastic mold (egg shape preferred) 1
Wood or plastic sticks
Flat spatula 1

- Prepare the mold cleaning with a cotton swap and medicinal alcohol, and let it dry
- Chop the candy and put in each cavity, and also the M&Ms and cocoa nibs
- Chop the chocolate and put in a glass or plastic bowl.
- Melt in the microwave oven in short burst of 30 seconds at a time
- Stir between each microwave session to melt it equally, until the majority has melted
- Remove and stir until all the chocolate is melted
- Check with the thermometer the temperature, it doesn´t have to be over 45°C
- You need to cool the chocolate until it reaches 31°C for the bittersweet and 28°C for the semisweet chocolate, so I prefer the method of using the fridge, because it´s not much chocolate and it´s easy
- Take it to the fridge in small periods of time and stir in between
- Check every time the temperature
- When it reaches the temperature drop a bit of chocolate in each cavity
- Tap the mold a bit, so the bubbles come to the surface
- Remove extra chocolate with the spatula, taking care the sides of each cavity, so the chocolate egg comes out easy
- Put a stick in each egg and sink in the chocolate
- Take to the fridge for 20´
- Remove from the fridge and turn it upside down, gently tap it on the table, the lollipop should come out easily

And if you don´t have a mold? Make drops of chocolate on a wax paper and sprinkle the M&Ms or the candy.

Always remember, have fun. If not don´t do it, it want come out well!


  1. Nice chocolate, wanted to find out how you did the fruit/ nut part of the egg.

    1. Thanks, Tosin!!! It´s easy, and can be done with anything, nuts, bits of cookies or prune, raisins...


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