Limequat pound cake, a potion for cold days

The last ingredient that was missing! exclaimed to myself in a supermarket. 
I was in the process of creating something different (the chicken or the egg ...), and encountered some strange fruits for my eyes. And took prey (after paying a small fee).Upon reaching the cave, small golden jewels were immersed in a bath of sugar and water in equal parts, and they were swimming around under low fire until they were tender. 

And waited, and waited, until one day, in times of snow and cold, gnashed his bowels, and there was only one answer for that in his great book (the big web with millions of recipes). This witch put them with others who were arrested from immemorial times in a big pot. And with little magical spells achieved a potion that deserves to be registered.

Now, back in real life, this recipe is about limequeats, not verty muchg seen in the Patagonia country. This fruits is a cross between green lemon and kumquats. So the taste is lemony, the acidity isn in the pulp and has the size of a kumquat, maybe a little larger.

This is a moist and fragant pudding, like a quatre quarts, and is an excuse to present you the fruit, and it can be done with any other fruit or any other element that surprises you.

Limequats Pudding

225 gr white flour
Fine salt 1 / 2 tsp
1 tsp Baking Soda
Ground ginger 1 / 2 tsp
Common sugar 225 gr
100 gr butter
Eggs 2
Milk 70 ml 
Limequats in syrup 250 gr
50 gr cocoa nibs
30 gr glazed orange peel 
50 gr dried cherries

Makes 1 pudding and 6 muffins

- Preheat oven to 180°C
- Cut limequats in half, remove pits, and put in a food processor until you have a paste
- Mix melted butter, eggs and milk.
- Mix flour, sugar, baking soda, salt and ginger.
- Merge the two mixtures and add the nibs, chopped oranges and cherries.
- Pour into a buttered pudding mold and floured, and the leftover mix can go to muffins tins.
- Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes, and controll with a cooking stick if its done
- When cool can be sprinkled with icing sugar to decorate.

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