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My name is Juliet, I was born some years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Some time ago I started working as a pastry chef and searching trends and reading blogs so much wanted to have one.

I started a blog in spanish, Filosofia de Sabor in September 2006. Now I´m challenging myself to write the same in my second language.

This is Philosophy of Flavour, and the name for some reason, a one that I don´t remember very well, it´s like my life, many things revolve around the taste, the flavour of food. The love for food.

My grandmother taught me the love of food, I'll never forget the smell of her kitchen when making cookies. My mom, still playing and continues to teach me his recipes simple preparations, which I like, which are for every day.

This blog is the diary of the sweets I do, the places where life takes me and the ideas going through my head  (all related to the bakery, of course!)

All recipes are made ​​by me, and want them to be special in some way. It is very likely that you see in each post the replacements that can be made. The texts and images are original, unless indicated otherwise.

If I forget something, if you want to ask me anything, if you liked it (or not) my recipe, you can write comments on each entry or to filosofiadesabor @ gmail. com (all together). Sure I´ll respond to you as fast as I can.

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog ...

(Me making a winning dessert at Fabbri´s Targa Amarena, 2006)

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"Copyright and License Terms" All images and content are copyright of Julieta González Blanco and can not be used without permission.

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